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Yellow Minute



Tempe, AZ

[show] (34:00)
1. ...banter... (0:20)
2. you and i go night swimming in the murky water (6:34)
3. one night toking you got one shot (4:11)
4. thru the hourglass (4:49)
5. Chemicals at a Dance Party (2:44)
6. chicky britty? (5:18)
7. Acting Like Teenagers (4:45)
8. God's in the muh? (5:19)

taper: davpeterson
source: ZoomH4n > SD card > audacity > you
location: placed the zoom on a ledge on the side wall of the long narrow room.
editing: amplified right channel by +4db, then amplified whole thing by +4db
tapers note: at least one person from What Laura Says (David) is in this band.