A quick note about taping live bands... The bands I record are 'taper-friendly', they follow the tradition set forth by the Grateful Dead that live audience recordings are beneficial to the promotion and success of a touring band, especially those who throw a lot of improvisation into their sets (and therefore appreciate having their accomplishments preserved so they can relisten to what they brought forth).

Having said that, if you are with a band and I am inappropriately sharing your musical creations, please email me right away. And I apologize and will not share those recordings in the future. Sincerely.

Likewise, if you are one of the creators and would like the original WAV files, please email me and I will put the files on my website for you to download via a link I will email you.

I do not make money off these recordings, there are no advertisements on this website, and I do not sell the recordings or their presence on this site in any way. I will never sell any live recordings without direct positive agreement with and financial compensation to the artists.

I will eventually put everything on The Internet Archive, however I'll probably be somewhat selective on that so it will happen slowly (as I catch up with backlog).

Keep in mind some recordings are better than others for a variety of reasons (the microphones, the placement, the room, me, the soundguy, the amps, etc). Generally, the older the recording, the higher the likelihood it might not be 'that great', I have provided samples of each show so you can take a quick listen before downloading. For your reference, the progression of equipment I have used started with the ZoomH4n, then the ZoomH6 for a brief period, then the ZoomH5, then I purchased some good external mics, first were Audio Technica 853 microphones, and most recently my new Golden Age Project FC4 condenser mics.

Download, listen, share with your friends! and, most importantly, GO SEE THESE BANDS WHEN THEY TOUR NEAR YOU!! And, buy their merchandise! And buy their studio albums -- alot of these bands exhibit different sides of themselves in the studio vs on the road! They are great people and love to get down and have a good time, and a recording can only capture one aspect of a band's performance, so go experience the whole thing for yourself!!

And On to The Music!

here are some of the bands I've taped the most