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William Close and The Earth Harp Collective


Oregon Eclipse Festival

Big Prairie, OR

[show] (24:01)
1. ...crowd noise... (0:30)
2. harp (10:15)
3. Fanfare for the Common Man theme # (5:58)
4. music * (5:27)
5. ...outro... (1:51)

# with ?? on the custom drum-machine for the rest of the set.
* with vocalist ??.

source: ZoomH5 internal mics > sd card > audacity > you
location: 7' mic stand placed in front of the soundboard, rather close to the Harp.
taper: davpeterson
notes: the mics were picking up the sound from the harp-stage which was right next to me, however the mics were pointed at the stage where the amplification came from, so you can notice some 'phasing'.