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Hi Fi Music Hall

Eugene, OR

[show] (130:39)
1. Alive (12:05)
2. Drop > Type II (22:28)
3. OG (19:24)
4. The Answer (24:01)
5. Sane Remix? (20:50)
6. false start (0:43)
7. Finding Destiny (13:34)
8. Galactic Passport (8:17)
9. do you believe (9:17)

source: ZoomH5 internal mics > sd card > audacity > you
location: placed the Zoom on the speakers directly in front of the band, they had earpieces and thus no monitors, the music came out nice'n'clear, but the vocals are fairly faint.
taped by: davpeterson
taper notes: their written setlist contained Allive, Drop, Type II, OG, The Answer, Sane Remix, Moving On, Rollin', Finding Destiny, and Galactic Passport