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Rockslide Jones


The Sail Inn

Tempe, AZ

[show] (62:27)
1. //Whatcha Gonna Do (6:08)
2. Booty Shaker (8:56)
3. Dr. Nice (8:48)
4. Free People (6:40)
5. Ready for You (6:25)
6. So Fine (4:41)
7. Cosmic Girl (7:20)
8. RS Jams (13:29)

The Band:
Bernie Lazotte - lead guitar, vocals
Dale Campbell - rhythm guitar
Ryan - sax, keyboards
Mitch Diamond - drums
Richie Jaramillo - congas, vocals
Yigit Yildirim - bass

source: SBD + ZoomH4n internal mics > sd card > audacity > you
location: the Zoom was placed under the SBD, the area in front was wide open.
taper: davpeterson
editing: phase adjusted the matrix by 25ms, amplified AUD+1/SBD+2, added fades.
taper note: got there a little late, missed some of the first song