Classic Album Hour: The Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed"


High Sierra Music Festival

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Classic Album Hour: The Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed"


High Sierra Music Festival

Music Hall

[show] (68:46)
1. ...intro... (1:05)
2. Gimme Shelter (7:48)
3. Love in Vain # (6:23)
4. Country Honk * (4:40)
5. Live with Me $ (6:17)
6. Let It Bleed (6:24)
7. Midnight Rambler % (10:28)
8. You Got the Silver ^ (5:07)
9. Monkey Man @ (8:40)
10. You Can't Always Get What You Want + (11:54)

saturday 3:30-4:30pm Music Hall, High Sierra Playshop,
playshop billed as Classic Album Hour: The Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed" (Simon Kurth & Mescalito, Jen Hartswick, Cris Jacobs Band, Jeremy Schon, Shook Twins, Joe and Hattie Craven, the Rainbow Girls, Bo Carper and more).

The Band:
Simon Kurth - guitar, vocals
Martin Bush - guitar, vocals
Keith Ovelmen - bass, vocals
Danny Barnes - drums
Lowell Wilson - keyboards, vocals
Jennifer Hartswick - vocals
Cris Jacobs - guitar

# with Joe and Hattie Craven, Jenn and Cris leave.
* Bo Carper (New Monsoon) joins, Jen rejoins.
$ Michael Myers (sax) joins.
% with The Cris Jacobs Band.
^ with Martin Bush (Mescalito) on vocals.
@ with all of Mescalito: Simon Kurth, Martin Bush, Keith Ovelmen, Danny Barnes, and Lowell Wilson.
+ with Jeremy Schon, the Rainbow Girls, the Shook Twins, Cris Jacobs, Bo Carper, Joe Craven, Mescalito, and prettymuch everyone else.

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location: next to SBD inside cage, 8' mic stand
taper: davpeterson
taper notes: addressed a digi-issue at t02-1:29.