The Big Dirty

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Bodhi Mojo


The Big Dirty

Eugene, OR

[show] (71:33)
1. Marty's Last Chance (6:52)
2. Dark Star jam > (4:33)
3. Sweet Moses (7:37)
4. 30 Miles from Barstow (3:43)
5. Kerplunk (7:41)
6. Lady Baudelaire (15:00)
7. Mask (13:44)
8. Facenose > (6:49)
9. Juby Juby (5:34)

opening for World's Finest.

Bodhi Mojo is a great jam band out of Portland, this Soundboard is available on bandcamp:

source: Golden Age Project FC4 mics > Rockville 100% copper 20' XLR mic cables > ZoomH5 XLR jacks > Transcend 700S 285-mb/s 32gb UHS-II U3 class10 V90 SDHC card > audacity > you
location: 5' micstand on top of the only available ledge in the place, which happens to face the stage almost dead center, less than 30' away.
taper: davpeterson
taper notes: at about 1:09 of track03 (and 1:25 of track04), i discovered if my deck was laid down a certain way, it would peak all the levels instantly, So i lost a couple seconds as i recovered and reset the levels, and then it happened again at the beginning of the next track.