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What Laura Says


Club 910

Tempe, AZ

[show] (45:53)
1. Girl Not Gonna Leave (4:20)
2. Keep Running Shoes Special (4:24)
3. Lose Myself (3:27)
4. "i seen what you do with your time" "it'd be good to know" (6:08)
5. On the Fence # (3:01)
6. Training (6:04)
7. "you rang you rang" (8:24)
8. July 23 (3:52)
9. "mother mother" (6:13)

taper: davpeterson
source: zoomH4n internal mics, placed 40-ft back in sbd area, the p.a. was very loud.
transfer: sd card > audacity > you
editing: amplified it by 5 (audacity).
notes: there are points in time it gets pretty "chatty" in front of the Zoom.
quality: came out kinda hollow and bassy, the place has a pretty powerful sound system.

# a battery-swap occurs in the first few seconds of On The Fence.